5 Steps to Setting up a Facebook Fan Page

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This week on Once Upon a Sketch we are going to talk about setting up a Facebook fan page. Wilson and I recently both set up fan pages and we’re going to share everything we learned with you. It’s not a difficult process but it’s always nice to have someone to help you through it. Here we go.


1. Log into Facebook. If you don’t already have an account you’ll need to create one to make a fan page.


2. Once you’re logged in, click on the gear in the top right corner of your page. Now click “Advertising.”


3. Then you should be on a page titled “Advertise on Facebook”. Below this title you should see three steps. The one you’re looking for is “Step 1: Build your Facebook Page”. In the text under step one you will find a link that says “Create a Page”. Click on that link.


4. This next page allows you to select from six different categories that best describe the page you’re trying to create. In an artist’s case Option 4 “Artist, Band, or Public Figure” is the way to go. Once selected, Facebook asks you to select the category that best describes what kind of artist you are. For myself I just set up a page for an “Artist”. Then entered my name, accepted their terms of service and finally clicked the blue “Get Started” button at the bottom.


5. Setting up your fan page. This next page asks you 4 questions. The first is “About”. Enter a short description about yourself and then your website. Finally they ask you if you are a celebrity. I know it hurts but answer honestly, Yes or no. Personally I said No and clicked the blue save info button in the bottom right moving me onto the next section “Profile Picture”. I read in several places that you should always use the same profile picture for all your social network profiles to keep your brand consistent. So I uploaded the same illustrated image I drew of myself (keeping the image consistent with all my other profiles) and moved on to step three. Next create a custom URL for your fan page. Sadly, once this is set, it can’t be changed. I ran into a problem with my main Facebook account already having the URL I wanted to use for my fan page. Not being able to change it I had to come up with something new. Oh well, you have to obey the Facebook laws. And the final step “Reach More People”. This is the step where you can pay Facebook to advertise for you. I clicked “Skip” and now I can begin setting up my newly created Facebook fan page.

Later in the week we will be back focusing on the fan page again, specifically, keeping it up-to-date and getting new viewership.


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